When you have a dream – everything is possible!

Written by Lena Drews co-author with Ilona Selke of the new book 7 Golden Rules for Living From Vision

I had been working as a nutritionist at a weight loss therapy center for almost two months. My student life was over and a new phase of my life had begun. My old one-bedroom apartment had been a nice and comfortable home for me for years, but now I was looking for a bigger apartment to move into, together with my boyfriend.

I knew that the situation in the housing market in Bonn’s city center was difficult.

I had heard stories from friends and acquaintances who had been looking for a suitable apartment for months, sometimes even years that nothing desirable was available.

I also really wanted to find an apartment, that was centrally located, a bright apartment, no less in the old part of Bonn, known for its quaint old buildings which featured high ceilings and large roof terraces. And I wanted all that for an affordable price.
Under the current circumstances, my wish really seemed like a pipe-dream. But I kept on dreaming and foccussing on what I really wanted. I had learned that there were no NOs when one had real dreams.

I checked the online real estate portals every day, rummaged through the offers, and already pictured my dream apartment in my mind.
Suddenly I stumbled across a tempting offer. It was a light-filled bright 3-room apartment in an Art Nouveau building, the kind everybody dreamed of, with a huge roof terrace with a wonderful view of the well-tended gardens with mature, massive trees.

The icing on the cake was that the apartment was only 5 minutes from the train station and that my father lived just a few minutes around the corner.

However, there were several obstacles:

  1. The price of the apartment was well above our planned budget.
  2. The apartment was available too soon. Since I had to give 3 months’ notice to the landlords of my old apartment, it could mean having to pay double the rent for a month or even two.
  3. The broker’s fee that were to be added to these already enormous costs made this options nearly impossible.
  4. The low salary I earned during my probationary period in my new job would not be able to cover the high financial burden.
    And as if that wasn’t enough reason to decide against the apartment, there was another problem: We weren’t the only ones who wanted to move into the dream apartment.
    On the contrary, there were so many interested parties vying for the apartment that every 15 minutes a new group of potential tenants was rushed through the apartment by the agent. The conditions for being chosen in the first place were certainly not the best.

But after another, final tour of the apartment, I was completely enthusiastic and was ready to rent this beautiful home of mine.
I couldn’t help imagining that we already lived in this beautiful apartment.

In my mind I was already decorating my new home, sitting on the sunny roof terrace.

And then I felt this inexplicable confidence come over me, (which could have been called naïve given the circumstances) and I felt that everything was going to be fine, so I relaxed. And since I wanted to get the apartment without obsessing over hopes that it would work, I added the magic ingredient of “letting go“. This letting-go, it is said, is one of the master keys that allows the larger universe to take care of the finer details.

“Everything for the highest good of all” was my inner mantra.

Every day I visualized and felt myself being happy in my dream apartment. I used the techniques from the Living from the Vision® course, where I imagined my fulfilled future and allowed myself fully feel my fulfillment. Every time I visualized my dream come true, I also practiced letting go inwardly in order to let the higher power of the universe regulate everything for the benefit of everyone involved.

You may wonder what happened next?

Well, the problem of “too expensive rent” suddenly disappeared into thin air. My boyfriend was going to be able to deduct part of the rent from his taxes as a business expense. That alone reduced the rental price to fit perfectly within our budget.

Next, we were lucky enough to make it onto the selected list of potential renters, and the landlords were keen to get to know us.
Shortly after the second “interview”, we received confirmation that we were indeed the chosen ones!

Concerns about having to pay the extra rent for the old apartment and concerns of not being able to pay the high brokerage commission were also dispelled as if from a higher level, as within a week I found a new tenant for my old one-room apartment and the move-in date for the new apartment was additionally pushed back due to renovation work.

And if that wasn’t already good enough, the new tenant bought so much of my old furniture that I could easily pay the agent’s commission with it.

Now I’m sitting in this beautiful apartment, in my new home, and as I write these lines, I’m still amazed at how seamlessly everything went together and my dream came true, even if it seemed absolutely impossible. I felt a deep sense of gratitude and my basic trust that everything would turn out well (whatever the outcome might be) was confirmed.

This experience once again made one thing very clear to me: Our positively oriented thoughts, feelings, and visions seem to be of the utmost importance for our lives to unfold positively.

The astonishing cascade of solutions was not an isolated case in my life. Trusting that everything is coming together as if guided by a higher level as well as letting go were apparently important ingredients in making my wishes come true. The universe is obviously listening to us, as my aunt Ilona Selke always says.

By dreaming up solutions coupled with proactive actions, we are to be able to collaborate with the universal laws.
Even if we initially think a situation might be unsurmountable, even unrealistic, our dreams, pre-experiencing success in advance, and having a strong focus can ultimately make our dreams possible. It only requires that we understand that we co-create our reality. We do that best by holding a fulfilled vision of the desired end result in our hearts.

The master key to success is this: Inhabit your future as if it is happening already now.

  • Make your dream tangible, walk within the walls of your new home in your mind’s eye, feel as if your dream home was already yours.
  • Do what many of the students of Living From Vision® do: Pre-create your success.
  • Even if it is just for five minutes, imagine you are already there. Feel it, smell it, touch it, taste it.

The sudden calm and trust I had felt, had given me the strength to persevere. This trust was a message to my intuition as if from another dimension. If I hadn’t felt this trust that my intuition had given me, all the potential problems would have felt insurmountable. I could easily have sat down at my laptop and looked for more realistic alternatives.

And yet it was my intuition and my training in the use of my ability to dream that everything worked out and that gave me the confidence to believe in my vision.
The training through the Living from Vision® course had given me the necessary know-how to invite a higher level of manifestation into my life. Living From Vision helped me to bring my dreams into 3-D reality.

No matter what dreams and visions we carry within our hearts, whether we want a different living environment, a house of our own, or whether we dream of a higher income, the development always begins within us, by creating an inner Blueprint of our fulfilled dream.

If you wish to find out more about Living From Vision® have a look at this world-renowned online training which has been taught successfully for the last 30 years and is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Czech, and Chinese.

You can learn to live your dreams as I did.

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