Why we often don’t get what we want and what you can do about it

Have you ever wondered why some of your desires just don’t come true despite intense efforts, visualization and positive thoughts?

And have you ever wondered in frustration why the universe just doesn’t deliver “your orders” even though you seem to be doing everything you can to make it happen?

There is indeed a force that can limit our manifestation abilities until we learn to master it.

Welcome to the most of the manifestation paradox!

To understand what’s behind this strange phenomenon, let’s first take a closer look at the process of manifesting:

Let me briefly summarize here the steps as taught in the Living from Vision course.

  • In order to manifest one’s desires in 3 D, it is first of all important that we choose true heart desires, rather than desires that should be achieved according to social norms, because only then will we be recognized.
  • We should visualize our desires (or goals), imagine them fulfilled.
  • And we should imagine the fulfillment of them in advance, as if the future were already completely fulfilled.

Undoubtedly, these are important points for manifestation, but these are only the first steps!

The further steps are equally significant.

  • For example, we should not remain passive, but cooperate as active co-creators with the universal energy to make our wishes come true.

Here it is up to us to take charge of our lives and take daily actions that support the manifestation of our dreams and invite us to take advantage of the often miraculous opportunities that come our way.

And now we come to one of the final steps that is too often overlooked, but which can crown our efforts with success.

We must be able to LET GO

Even if, on the one hand, we energize our goals and wishes for the future on a daily basis, we must also be able to let go of the wish immediately afterwards.

The vision of fulfillment and at the same time the letting go are in fact two opposing forces, which only in interaction enable the fulfillment of our wishes.

Similar to yin and yang, a balance of these forces is needed to help us succeed.

Why do we need to let go?

It seems that the universe will only give us fulfillment if we stop chasing the desire. What is happening? Why is this so?

There are several explanations for this, which I would like to list here:

  • If we want to tap into the higher laws of the universe, then we must also cooperate with the universe.
  • To be able to feel in advance in us as fulfilled

In order to make our wish come true, we need to feel and radiate ourselves into the frequency, and mentally feel the future in which this wish is already present in the universe as fulfilled, as if there were a universe with many parallel realities at the same time.

We can prepare ourselves in which we feel the vibration of fulfillment that we desire in us already realized in advance.

Contradictions within us:

We often think we want something, but do not listen to the subtle contradictions within us.

For example: On the one hand it would be great to be a millionaire, but on the other hand we don’t want to change our circles of friends, or to be adored, or even to be tapped by others often, which we think could happen and possibly bring part of the change in our status.

These subtle fears, unconscious concerns, or even contradictions within us, do not allow us to truly charge and realize our purpose.

Egoic clinging

However, when we hold on tightly to a desire, we transport the mesage that THIS IS HOW I WANT IT TO BE, it is from cooperation with the higher power, and the greater miracles are out of the picture. By going at it alone, the game is over.

By holding on, we do not allow co-creation. As long as we face the universe with the I KNOW IT BETTER feeling, we need to repeat the lesson plan again, till we learn to humbly co-create a greater reality. 

Look at nature, who is the greatest designer after all? 

Let us learn to co-operate and witness the greater miracles that can ensue!

Only by letting go do we allow the universe to co-create a better version.

Participants in the Living from Vision course often report how they have had their desires fulfilled in an unimaginable way, moreover, at the right time.

Unconscious feelings of lack or fear.

In addition, when we hold on too tightly to our desire and mentally cling to it, we send out the vibration of lack and fear.

Only when we let go and can feel the fulfillment as already “there” does our energy system let go and open to fulfillment.

Receiving has to do with opening up,being receiptive to the uniserveses response to our dreams, not with the tense, fear-driven feeling of having to realize a desire.

Trust in a higher power

If we want to take everything into our own hands, then we have to work harder. 

Only a connection to a higher power allows us to let go, and allow the greater dimension to get to work in harmony with us and oportunities that are often far grander than what we ourselves can dream of. 

You can read about the miraculus power and inspiring stories in my books 

With lettiung go, we hand over the blueprint to the greater architect’s office of the Cosmos.

If things turn out differently than planned, we often see the greater wisdom in hindsight and say that we could not have done it so well on our own.

With trust in a higher power that works with us, we allow laws that are still outside our logical mind to come into action, and cooperate with us.

In summary, we are to focus on fulfillment, with all positive belief patterns activated within us, and on the other hand, we are to let go.

And this is exactly where the manifestation paradox lies.

Often we come across unconscious beliefs within us that works against our fulfillment. We want to achieve a goal, but there are loud and also quiet voices within us that are not pulling in the same direction.

The Hermetic Law states : as above so below, and as within so is without.

Thus our thoughts, visions are the blueprints into which the breath of God breathes life.

In addition, there is the law of resonance, a concept from physics which was adopted in metaphysics.

It states that similar energies or vibrational frequencies resonate or react with each other.

It is also called the law of attraction or the principle “like attracts like”.

This principle finds application in both natural science and spiritual or philosophical contexts.

Example: Playing an E-side on the piano causes all other E-sides in the piano to vibrate in the same way, even though they have not been touched.

In a metaphysical context, the law of resonance states that our thoughts, feelings and energy have a certain frequency of vibration.

Similar vibrational frequencies attract each other and can attract certain experiences and situations in our lives.

The principle of attraction states that positive thoughts and emotions attract positive events and experiences, while negative thoughts and emotions tend to attract negative events.

Therefore, it is of great importance that our message to the universe, our images, feelings and wishful visions are clear and unambiguous, without the admixture of negative and fearful thoughts and feelings.

And as we have already indicated in above, we often encounter a basic problem here: Many of our feelings and thoughts are simply not conscious to us, they act almost independently in our subconscious.

In order to reach these deeply anchored layers within us and transform them, we need time, quiet and reflection.

In the course Living from Vision, as in the children’s book Alin Learns To Use His Imaginatioi, this transformation technique, based on the work of Dr. Vernon Wolf, is explained and practiced in detail.

The good news, therefore, is that we are quite capable of bringing about profound changes to negative feelings and beliefs, and in turn can consciously bring positive developments to our lives.

The manifestation paradox solved:

The manifestation paradox teaches us two things:

  • First, that successful manifestation requires the subtle art of letting go. And that the interplay between focusing on a desire and letting go, and the associated trust in a higher providence, brings us fulfillment.
  • Secondly, we must be at peace with ourselves. There can be no unconscious, conflicting thoughts, beliefs and feelings, but everything within us must be pulling in the same direction.

By understanding and practicing these core aspects, we can overcome the manifestation paradox and successfully master our manifestation journey and live our dreams.

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