As a young child, Ilona Selke realized that the Universe responds to human thoughts. She soon proved through her own experimentation that she could communicate with the Universe — and, in fact, anyone can.
Ilona dedicated her adult life to metaphysical exploration and spent about four decades researching, experimenting, writing, and teaching about human potential, manifestation, quantum dimensions, and “living from vision.”

As a modern-day mystic, Ilona helps others discover the power of their consciousness to create a successful life.

She is the author of Dream Big — The Universe Is Listening: Creating a Better Life for Yourself and the Planet and Wisdom of the Dolphins;  as well as Dolphins, Love and Destiny and the children’s book Alin Learns To Use His Imagination.

She also co-authored two books, one with Brain Tracy called Success Blueprint and one with Jack Canfield called The Big Secret.

She is an international seminar leader; an expert in philosophy and comparative religions; and a consciousness and radionics researcher. 

Ilona spoke with Paranormal Underground magazine about her life’s work and how anyone can manifest their dreams by “talking to the Universe.”

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