On a trip to Germany, I saw the musical “ Build a Castle Like a Dream”, which was about the life of King Ludwig II, right in view of this magical castle that has since then become the icon which you may know from Walt Disney’s movies. 

Indeed a higher dimension seems to exist here in this valley in Bavaria, near Füssen, in the foothills of the Alps, which surround the castle. I think King Ludwig II felt that too.

The musical was just stunning! The creativity of the stage design, the beautiful music, everything was of the highest class.
Half the time I sat in tears in the musical, my heart and soul melting away.

What touched me most was that King Ludwig II wanted peace in Germany instead of supporting the armaments industry.

Ludwig II preferred to be in nature, attend to poetry and music, and was horrified to see how the many ministers in positions of power were willing to wage wars for money and profit and cared nothing for the soul of the people.

What touched me the most was the fact that King Ludwig II followed his dreams all of his life. Indeed he became a living symbol that our dreams and visions can reach beyond the limited time of our own lives.

The musical “Build a Castle like a Dream” about King Ludwig’s II life, reminded me of how a dream only can become the blueprint of one’s own fulfillment but also can manifest as an inspiration for generations worldwide to come.

King Ludwig’s II vision of art and peace expressed in the Neuschwanstein Castle inspired even more people after his death, than during his lifetime.

Ilona Selke
Our dreams are the fertile ground upon which many things of value can sprout!

But do we have to be kings in order to live our dreams? Thank God the answer is no!

Everyone’s consciousness is intimately connected with the time-space matrix, and therefore everyone actively co-creates their own reality. However, most people do it unconsciously and haphazardly.

When we become more aware of the nature of the universe and we consciously interact with the universe as a living structure, then we start seeing that every thought, every feeling has an impact on the space-time matrix.

The universe is a pulsating something, with which our consciousness is intimately connected.

Ilona Selke

Our dreams are more than just fantasies within the structure of time-space, more than pipe dreams. Our dreams, vision, and our prayers are the fertile ground upon which miracles grow

Our dreams drive us to do more, to go further, and to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible.

Ilona Selke
Dreams are the ways our soul reaches into higher grounds

Do you still have dreams?

  • What does your heart long for?
  • What inspires your soul?
  • What do you do, whether money is involved or not?

Did you know that many people do not have any answers to these questions at all!

All too often we forget our dreams as we go through life, lost in the busyness of life, trying to make a living and for many people just making ends meet, living from paycheck to paycheck, following the dictates of societal norms.

We are happy to have a down-to-earth job, and meanwhile, many precious aspects of our consciousness, that opens the door to another dimension, thus wither away over time.

Let me tell you: We live in a mystical universe. But no one teaches that in school. Even universities don’t teach us the deeper laws of the universe.

In fact, the universe listens to us with huge ears and literally reads our wishes from our lips so to speak, if we just open ourselves to learning this magical language.

In my latest book “Dream Big – The Universe Is Listening” I describe how to create miracles in one’s life. Stories that inspire us to believe in a greater universe.


by Ilona Selke

And since we are talking about creating your dreams, and King Ludwig II actually built a castle, I thought I’d ask you this question:


Just recently I was featured in Redfin’s article: “How to Manifest Your Dream House in 2022” where I was asked to contribute some key thoughts on how to create and manifest your dream home.

To help you learn how to manifest your dream house in 2022, Redfin reached out to us along with other notable experts from Los Angeles, CA all the way to Washington, DC for our advice to help eager homebuyers.

You can check out the full article on the Redfin blog.

When we consciously begin to get involved in co-creation, when we start to train our mind and start to take responsibility for ourselves, when we align our visions with our true desires, then the pieces of the puzzle in our lives often begin to come together miraculously and at the right moment.

As soon as we integrate our intuition, our subconscious as well as our superconscious, into our lives, we truly gain access to a higher dimension of the universe from which we can activate the true power lever of life.

Inspired by the performance which my husband and I were watching that night, I realized again that dreams can indeed move mountains. King Ludwig II was a living symbol for that and a man who indeed dared to dream big.

Our journey is not about the accumulation of things, events or power over things, but rather a discovery of the nature of reality.

Ilona Selke

Suddenly, in the middle of the musical, I remembered that years ago I had almost haphazardly wished to hold a seminar right in front of the Neuschwanstein Castle. And that’s exactly what happened! 

In fact, I not only taught many seminars in front of this Castle, we even purchased a couple of vacation rentals with a straight view onto the renowned Neuschwanstein Castle, built by King Ludwig II.

The greatest miracles in life start with a dream.

Ilona Selke

Books and oral traditions, spanning over millennia of human history have taught us that we live in a holographic universe and that we are in direct communication with the universeOur consciousness is actively involved in the creation process and we live indeed in a consciousness-interactive universe.

Heaven on earth is not a place, but an inner state!

Ilona Selke
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