Guided Meditations are the easiest way to meditate. Follow the soothing voice of Ilona Selke as she guides you into deeply relaxing states, envisioning new strengths and entering the depth of your spiritual reservoir.

Discover the Power of your Meditation
with the Guided Meditations by Ilona Selke



Ilona Selke explains states of meditation and multidimensional consciousness and how you can utilize your subconsciousness and super-consciousness.

 Many people are amazed how much deeper they can get in their meditations, when they are guided on a deeply relaxation journey. 


  •  Spiritual Partnership
  • Healing Your Body
  • Dream-Time-Awakening
  • Healing the Earth
  • Dolphin-Consciousness
  • Chakra-Activation
  • Time-Travel
  • Your Purpose In Life 
  • Abundance
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