Alin Learns to Use His Imagination

Readers in Germany, France, Canada, India and the US have hailed this children’s book, for the last 30 years, as one of their main staples to a fulfilled life! 

Children say they feel they have gotten a magic wand in their hand and parents feel empowered to help their children

Embedded in this story is a  technique that will help create positive changes in emotions, beliefs and negative memories and create positive behavioral changes in adults and children alike. 

We especially invite anyone working with clients, children and people in a therapeutic manner to assist others in transforming negative emotions, negative belief systems, or who wish to be supported in creating their dreams, to utilize this children’s book as a guide to transformation. based on the work of Doctor Vernon Wolf called Holodynamics, this children’s book is a must have for parents, teachers and coaches.


In this illustrated children’s book, Alin learns from his Genie how to develop imagery skills to transform the feelings of anger, hurt, etc., into feelings of courage and love. Step by step processes unfold throughout the fairy tale, which teach effective methods of changing negative states into empowered experiences and create magic. A great tool for parents.
All children are born with a natural ability to use their imagination and sense other dimensions of reality. In this story Alin and Lina are helped by a guardian angel. It’s really about one of the best kept secrets in the world yet, it was used by our ancestors and today millions of people use it.
Its’ about the power of the genie-in-us (genius in us) that lifts each person to greater and greater heights even in the worst of situations that confront us. My Genie whispers all problems are caused by their solutions. It’s true.

No matter how bad things get, the solutions are just waiting for us to find them and bring them forth. They are beings of light and love and teach others about how to reach into the whole dynamic. This story is about the core essence of life.

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