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Welcome to my Coaching page! You may already be familiar with me through my books, videos, or upcoming TEDx talk. For those who don’t know me yet, my name is Ilona Selke, and I am an international bestselling author and coach specializing in a powerful method of holographic transformation that I have developed and used for over 30 years.

If you feel like you are struggling with blockages or challenges in your life, coaching can be an incredibly effective tool to help you break through and achieve your goals.

Whether you are looking to improve your relationships, career, or overall well-being, I can help you transform your mindset and unleash your full potential.

We are all given the power of our focus and choice. We simply have to learn to navigate the negative imprints and progams we adopted.

We are each and all capable of creating the life we truly desire. By tapping into the power of the subconscious and superconscious mind, and by using techniques such as visualization and holographic transformations, I can help you overcome limiting beliefs,  as well as old, and even past life, traumas,  and discover your inner strength.

It is essential for us to dive into the depths of our heart and to explore our soul to evolve.
At times we need help in order to move through blockages or negative feelings and move forward to discover the sacred dimensions of our soul.

I offer the following types of Sessions


In these miraculous sessions we transform blockages, negative thought patterns, possible trauma or negative emotions into positive energy fields and powerful allies, that will help you get results.

I have been teaching this method, based on the research of Dr. Vernon Wolf, called Holodynamics worldwide for over 30 years, to therapists, doctors, teachers and we have had fantastic results bordering on miracles which you can read about in all my books.


I will accompany you with your study of the Living From Vision Self-Study course, which you will study on your own.
Additionally we meet once a week for a 90 minute Coaching session and work in tandem with the exercises of the Living From Vision course, so you will deepen the skills and stay the course.
The accompaniment of the LFV course is particularly good for those that do better with a teacher at their side.


Gain access to higher levels of your consciousness and practice with me to access the different levels of your Soul's Diamond .
We will start by practicing Chakra Perception and then move past the Crown Chakra to pure Soul-Awareness.
We will practice increasingly finer perceptions of your Higher Self and move deeper into your Soul Consciousness together.


If you would like to develop your intuition and come into deeper contact with your own inner advisors, then book a set of sessions with me.
In each session we practice and train different aspects of your intuition, which you will continue to practice at home.
I recommend taking the LFV Online Course in tandem with these Intuition Training Coaching Sessions.

What does it take to lead a spiritual life?

Living an Integrated Life: Transforming Challenges into Higher Vibrations

In this enlightening video, Ilona Selke shares her wisdom on living an integrated life that goes beyond just meditation and spirituality. She offers practical advice on how to transform challenging emotions and experiences into higher vibrations, allowing us to create our own version of Heaven on Earth. Join me as we delve deeper into the power of shifting our perspectives and living in a state of higher consciousness. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights on living a more fulfilling and harmonious life!

Which dreams still lie dormant and waiting within you?

Have you let the voices of others keep you from fully living your dreams?



Ilona Selke is an international bestselling author, seminar leader and speaker in the field of the Human Potential Movement since 1991.

More about me HERE 

In these trance-like sessions , I guide you to come into contact with the deepest power of your subconscious mind, in order to uncover hidden beliefs, decisive experiences in this or past life, or negative feelings that are burdening you at the moment , and then transform these energies into you positive allies.

For over 30 years I have been working with people around the world, and helped thousands to process trauma, manifest their greatest wishes , and to live their dreams.

The wonderful thing about these sessions is that you develop your access to your own inner wisdom.

Your intuition will blossom and you will be able to feel the power flowing through all your cells

This work is based on the research of Dr. Vernon Wolf  based on body-centered psychotherapy.

Rational thoughts only keep us going in circles, usually not finding any solutions. We however, use the method, that taps the power of your own subconscious and superconscious mind.  As we access deeper level of your body, heart and soul, you discover your own answers on a higher level from within yourself.

You will actually feel the power of your consciousness and the effect of working in the holographic universe as a result of your session.


90 Minutes for $150 USD

45 Minutes for $75 USD


I guide you into deeper emotional and intuitive levels of your consciousness. Your emotions and your body may have been giving you signals and have called for change for a long time. We follow these signals, taking you  into your superconsciousness, with the methods which were developed by Dr. Vernon Wolf called Holodynamics.  I have been teaching these techniques world-wide to professionals successfully for over 30 years.

As we go deeper  you will be able to feel the changes. During the session you will receive wisdom, you will feel your energy shift and you will feel the power of transforming the negatives into their positive expression.

You will start to see and feel the connection of your inner world and your outer world and understand the true meaning of I am that.

Both,  transforming negative imprints and focusing on a fulfilled future are part of Living From Vision.

I recommend you do the LFV Online Course in tandem with your coaching sessions, to ensure that you practice the new energies on a daily basis.

Here is the Link to the LFV Online Course: https://www.ilonaselke.online/p/living-from-vision

It’s simple and easy. Just follow these steps!

    1. FIRST STEP: Book your session with the calendar on this page at a time that suits you.
    2. SECOND STEP: You will receive a confirmation email from me that will confirm your appointment and a ZOOM link.
      If you have not used ZOOM before, you can download the small program HERE
    3. Please be ready 5 minutes before our session. If possible, get headphones with a microphone and be in an undisturbed location. We are going to go into deep states of consciousness and for that you need an undisturbed framework. Treat yourself to a deeply fulfilling experience.

If you want to practice your Soul Awareness, and perceive your Soul’s diamonds more clearly and/or develop more clarity in your intuition, we can do that together in our sessions as well.

For that purpose it is best if you book 5 coaching sessions, which we can also divided into 10-half hour sessions. This allows us to practice together more frequently, as these session are high frequency and running at higher intensity so shorter sessions are better suited.

We practice the perception of subtle levels together, such as sensing and perceiving your own chakra energies, as well as your chakras in connection with another person.

Next we will raise our focus to higher awareness centers, the chakras above your Crown Chakra so to speak. Training with someone who can serve as a beacon for those new frequencies, you will be more readily able to recognize the subtle signals of the soul.

These sessions will definitely open new doors for you to higher levels of consciousness., and likely you will experience noticeable changes in your life.


Most of the time, a combination of Soul awareness training and the  Living From Vision Online Course is the best combination.

With the Living From Vision Course you practice the ability to focus your mind on what you want, and manifest your dreams. With the Holodynamic’s Method you will be able to transform problems, abd turn problems into your strength.

Yes, you can cancel 48 hours prior to our session, and move your session to another timeslot.

Please prepare for our session with the following steps:

WATER: Prepare yourself a glass of water or tea.

CELL PHONE: Turn your mobile phone off or at least on mute and disable all notifications so that you will be undisturbed.

NO PETS: If you have a dog or cat, please close the door to your room so that your loved ones don’t bother you during your session. That would tear you out of your field and that would be a shame. This session is time for you!

STAY WARM: Keep something warm nearby depending on the temperatures. The reason for this is, that when you immerse yourself in deeper brainwave activity, which usually happens in sessions, (brainwaves that allow you to come into expanded states of consciousness) people usually get either very cool, or sometimes very hot.

Just be open and be prepared.

WRITE BEFOREHAND: Write down what you would like to work on and imagine ahead of our session, what you would most like to feel at the end of our session or our sessions. If you think about what you want to address beforehand, you will create a better field. Enjoy the process of thinking about yourself.

Our session will last 90 minutes, rather than just 1 hr, so we have  plenty of time.

If possible, get headphones with a microphone. In this way we avoid feedback from your or my voice or from outside noises that are otherwise amplified.

We zoom in on the session with a video recording so that you can watch the session again later. Please click on the ZOOM link that I will send you before the meeting starts. The ZOOM Mini program downloads itself quickly and is easy to set up.

Or simply download ZOOM here:  https://zoom.us/de

My email is :. ilona@ilonaselke.com

If possible send me a WhatsApp message. My WHATSAPP NUMBER is: +6287862483062

 The Living from Vision self study course is ideal for practicing the methods that you will experience in your private coaching session. It is the perfect way to deepen what you’ve learned and to stay with the process. Learn more HERE


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