I just read a new study about NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS!

Do you know what most people choose for the New Years Resolution! Have a look here at this chart!

Is this you too?

Most people choose physical goals, like hoping to eat better, to exercise more and to save money!

As you know I’m in the business of helping people realize their live’s purpose, to live their dreams, and that is part of our vision and mission of our company LIVING FROM VISION which my husband and I started in 1987.

Here is what I think about New Years Resolutions:

New year’s resolutions often have to do with hoping to change some very fundamental stubborn behaviors, which people have a hard time getting over.

HOWEVER, most people fail at that. That is not news!

BUT did you know that we do much better when we think of achieving several smaller goals?

By setting specific goals, like how much and what kind of exercise you are going to do, you are more likely to succeed.

AND we can focus on our goals again and again throughout the year, and not only for the first two weeks in January!

Goals can be set throughout the year and can change over the years, depending on whether and how much of your goal you have managed to manifest.

What GOALS and NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTIONS have in common is that people wish to evolve, to change, to improve.

The New Year brings us to a cyclical same point in time at a new level.
It offers us a chance to review and to compare our evolutionary progress.

I see that the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs often applies to people’s goal-setting and their new year’s resolution.

The areas in which people have already manifested mastery, becomes the bases for the next level of gpoals which will lead to the next level of mastery.

In other words, people who master the physical  survival issues, inlcuding health and exercise and money, they then tackle the next level of creative expression.

The next level beyond creative expression is self-actualization and development of the higher functions of being human.

In Living From Vision we help people set their goals throughout the year
and stick with their goals, and not just make it a onetime New Year’s Resolution that usually lasts about two weeks.

The important part about resolutions and goal setting is that we stay with them.

Repetition as the name of the game of success in regards to resolutions.

These are the areas most people choose their goals in (in this ascending order)

  • Health,

  • Wealth

  • Good living environment

  • Finding love

  • Finding meaningful expression usually related to work

  • Being a contributing factor to the well being of all

  • Self-actualization, spiritual evolution

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