You probably have heard it before:

You can create your own success, your own reality and remember that the power of your mind is stronger than the power of circumstances. But why is it then that some people seem to be plagued by negative events, or do not get ahead, feel captured by their circumstances, while other people fly high like eagles in the sky, creating their success left and right?

Do we actually live in a consciousness interactive universe? 

Does our consciousness affect physical reality?

Let me ask you:

Have you ever manifested a parking spot for yourself?

Have you known someone who created miracles through consciousness?

Whether it was through prayer, or having gone through some kind of training, or based on healing through the power of thoughts from a healer, have you known someone who has created what appeared like a miracle?

My grandfather told me such a story when I grew up as a child. My grandmother had the shingles, a type of very painful inflammation of the skin. My grandfather did not know what to do. He did not believe in any kind of long-distance healing or healing of mental kind at all. But he didn’t know what else to do after all doctors failed, so he took my grandmother to such a healer.

But because he did not have the belief that such things could exist, the healer sent him out of the room. The healer used the power of his focused mind, and pre envision to the healed condition of my grandmother, said a few magical words and VOILA! my grandmother healed overnight.

My grandfather had no logical answers and had to succumb to accepting the power of something that was far beyond the logical mind.

Later on, a Chinese acupuncturist who became our friend healed people when everybody else had given up on them. He told us that he used to see his grandfather float when he himself was still a young boy.

His grandfather was part of the spiritual boxing revolution, and they had practiced being invincible to swords.

And he was able to float mid-air. Our acupuncturist doctor and friend had seen his grandfather float mid-air with his own eyes as a child, so he never questioned such miracles.

To him, miracles were normal. Supernatural Powers were normal.

But are those miraculous powers reserved to the few special supernatural people? What if I told you that we all have the birthright to communicate with the universe and to be powerful agents of positive change.

But it takes practice.

The good news is that with enough training and knowing how our consciousness works, you can learn to access the power of the super dimensional universe. The universe is designed for us to talk to it. The universe created us and our brain so that when we align our mind like a laser beam which we can reach to the end of time and space with our mind and create miracles if need be.

Just like a pianist has to learn to play the piano, and practice his fingers, and like a bodybuilder has to build his muscles through diligent practice, so to do we need to practice the power of our focused mind.

Step by step we will get results: And I want to share with you five of steps that you can take right now to create results in your life.

1) Firstly, you need to be clear about what you want. It is best if you write your goals and dreams down.

2) Secondly, you need to spend some time every single day experiencing the absolute fulfillment in your inner mind and soul, seeing and feeling as if your goal or dream is already manifested and happening. It doesn’t need to be long!

Just 5 to 10 minutes every morning and in 5 to 10 minutes in the evening work just fine.

3) Focus your mind every evening before going to sleep and request the universe to help you reach your desired goals. You will draw towards you all the resources you need in order to make your dream come true and to find your answers.

4) Be honest with yourself. Tune into your heart and soul; find out where you have doubts, where you have negative feelings. We may want to have a million dollars, but at the same time, we may feel like we don’t deserve it. We may want to lose weight, but at the same time think that we are eating too much and secretively envision gaining weight.

These contradictory thoughts happen all the time, however, they are the reason that we undermine the power of our subconscious mind. But we do need to deal with our negative thoughts and feelings. We need to align all our thoughts and feelings, just like a laser light is aligning all the photons, in the same direction.

When you practice aligning the energy of your thoughts and feelings, they will have the power to create the kind of results you intend to have.

Deal with the negative emotions, negative self-talk or doubts by utilizing a type of self-hypnosis or similar Quantum transformative method which helps you to redirect and transform your negative energy into its positive wish fulfilled. There are many different techniques in order to address negative emotions.

But one thing is sure:

You will need to address and transform your negative and contradictory thoughts and emotions, in order to achieve your positive goals. The wonderful thing is that negative emotions will show you the way into your fulfilled future and become your allies.

5) And last but not least, practice your connection to your own innermost soul and your connection to the Divine. The universe is listening, in whatever way you can imagine that there is a greater force, you can communicate with it.

The universe is waiting for you.

Ilona Selke is an international, multiple times bestselling author, and has been teaching Living from Vision techniques to create successful lives since 1989. Her latest book is called DREAM BIG – THE UNIVERSE IS LISTENING

You can test-drive the powerful Living from Vision on-line course at this website – https://www.thriiveonline.com/

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