As I am writing my book DREAM BIG – The Universe is Listening, about the fact that the universe is a giant consciousness web that interacts with your THOUGHTS and FEELINGS and that YOU are the CO-CREATOR with every conscious or unconscious thought and feeling, … I find increasing amounts of articles, You-Tube interviews, and debates popping up in the regular mainstream news supporting the very thought that scientists of renown are seriously considering that the reality as we know it is one gigantic simulation.

Scientists of renown are seriously considering that the reality as we know it is one gigantic simulation. Of course, scientists are seeing our current world through the glasses of our times. Simulations are the rage, VR is going to boom. The thought lies near that we may not be living in a ‘real’ reality.

Time Space and even the large, huge universe is increasingly being considered to be a MATRIX.

There are debates going on as to whether we are living in a hologram, or in a simulation, or otherwise, are living in one of many parallel universes.
The modern mindset, Quantum Physics in particular, even VR machines that are soon coming to the mainstream market, all lead to the same conclusion. THINGS ARE NOT ADDING UP.

The laws of physics hold up for a while, but as science is trying to discover the smallest or particles, they find a quick sand universe. The laws of physics don’t hold up at those levels.

Our very understanding of how time and space and reality is put together is in the process of being unraveled. It might well be that YOU are in the middle of this shake-up of the paradigm shift. Once this new understanding becomes common-place we will never have the same lives as before. Much like the industrialization has changed every aspect in our lives, this new shift is going to change how we create.

How does thinking we live in a MATRIX shift YOUR LIFE? Well, if you were to take that idea at face value, then you might just reason, that if this really is a matrix, then why are you struggling to make ends meet. Or you might wonder how you can make more of your true dreams come true. Or you might start thinking out of the box and start living a life of your dreams.

When I was blessed to have my chapter included in the upcoming book by Jack Canfield THE BIG SECRET, I wrote about exactly how we shift reality. I described a miraculous event, in which in the blink of an eye reality changed around me,  just because I imagined that I was switching from one reality to another better parallel one.

I described step by step how to do this, so you can also do this.

To me the universe is more magical than just a matrix or a virtual creation. It is not entertainment, but rather the fabric in which we evolve. Our Soul is growing and it seems that there is a call and answer song going on in the universe.

It is not just a calculable game that can be programmed. It is a living structure that rewards us when we rise to the highest heights. We are rewarded with bliss when we enter the center of creation. The universe becomes alive and interactive with us, as we stare into the center, the center looks back at us, and we are filled with awe and wonder.

Almost as a result of this mysterious dance with the central force of all life, we are blessed with bliss and blessings.

Time-space indeed acts like it is a MATRIX, but one that is a magical interaction of the part and the whole, of soul and God. The laws of time-space change as you change. The further you rise in your perspective and vibration the more you are free to co-create a loving universe.

Taking the LIVING FROM VISION training teaches the beginner and the advanced person to co-create from within with tangible results. The journey is your own, the time it takes to make bigger miracles happen depends on you only. But essentially life is about evolving our soul. And that is a journey of discovery!


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