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Celebrate with us the PUBLISHING of the book “THE BIG SECRET” and let yourself be inspired by Ilona Selke on how to apply your consciousness to live in the world you want!

Many of us are slowly discovering the deeper nature of the universe and Quantum Physicists are puzzled. It is likely that you are part of this movement of pioneers that is on the brink of discovering the bigger secrets of the universe. The new scientific thinking is indeed pointing to a reality that is far beyond the atomic model that has dominated our minds until now. Science is starting to meet magic.

In the book THE BIG SECRET Ilona Selke reveals the secrets behind parallel realities and shifting any negative circumstance in your life! What if any problem was caused by it’s solution and the solutions were just waiting for us to find them and bring them forth? Think about it! It implies that we are truly living in a dreaming matrix rather than a solid state universe.



The old worldview of a clockwork universe was Newton’s idea. This world functioned predictably, in an orderly manner, and was independent of any thoughts, feelings, or consciousness. This orderly, mechanical view of the universe had its price however. Manipulating the wheels of the clock was all the excitement that was left for the human race. The results of this manipulation of nature are visible everywhere – most people have learned to believe that they are simply a wheel in the machine and that what they think does not matter much. The Newtonian view of the universe has ultimately proved to be more than boring. It is outright devoid of the possibility of adventure!

Quantum physics however has begun to change all that. Instead of there being only a single reality, it had been postulated that innumerable realities existed in parallel to one another. It is said that many possible universes are existing all at once in the same space, separated only by frequencies. It was hypothesized and proven in experiments – at least at the microcosmic level – that an observing consciousness, in other words a being with awareness, is an integral factor in making the universe tick. It is the torchlight of attention that gives shape to the many possibilities of manifestation. And it is attention which can bring about the manifestation of one of the many parallel universes.



In the book THE BIG SECRET, which Ilona Selke co-authored with Jack Canfield, bestselling author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, she tells her story:

“Many years ago, when I started meditating and sinking deeper into my inner sense of being, I began seeing that everything is interconnected. I was enveloped by what appeared to be liquid light. Everyone around me was part and parcel of why things were the way they happened to be. I moved further up in my inner vision, and saw a larger part of the picture. I approached the level from where we make choices. Here I could choose to be in one of the other possible and parallel realities. More and more luminous light filled my inner vision. Then I saw a snapshot in my mind of how I actually wanted my experience to be. Despite the outer negative circumstances, I re-focused on the end-result that I really wanted and visualised the rearranging of the matrix around me until it fit my sense of alignment. As a result, I have experienced that a change in myself could create a change in the macrocosm that surrounds me, if I simply tune into the universe of my choice and dip the cup of my awareness into the ocean of the many parallel choices.”

THE BIG SECRET is that you can make use of problems, and turn them into their positive counterpart, in order to manifest your deepest wishes, and greatest hopes.

Ilona Selke has experienced conscious manifestation of her preferred reality out of the ocean of the many parallel choices many times and now she shares with you her secret of how to apply your consciousness to live in the world you want in her new book co-authored with Jack Canfield, by the title THE BIG SECRET!



THE BIG SECRET is that miracles don’t happen in a logical sequence. Miracles depend on our ability to lift ourselves outside of the ordinary logical time-space sequence.

We don’t live in a solid world nor a solid reality. We manifest those circumstances that are in keeping with our beliefs and our vibrational state. Once you learn that you are the creator of your life, you will have liberties and abilities that far surpass the normal laws of physics.

Requests for larger miracles that deeply matter to us have the fuel needed to shift the blueprint of life. The request will have the required energy to enter into the eye of the needle and to come out on the other side of the looking glass, allowing you to appear in the parallel world of your choice.

In the beginning learning to manifest is about mastering your ability to focus and raising your vibration. It is about learning that your conscious and subconscious mind affect your reality.

When you master that, you will realize that life is a living hologram. You then become the conscious time-space co-creator and director of your life.

A precise alignment is needed for the perfect outcome to manifest in the external world. We have to know for sure, when we have arrived at the right portal of the parallel dimension of our choice. Indeed, we need to know when we have reached the time-space that holds the fulfillment of our dream.

Happiness and feelings of bliss will let you know when you are on the right path.

We all want to manifest a better life with more money, greater health, and a soulmate. And YES – this is all possible!

However please remember: Life is not about manifesting ‘things’. Our increased manifestation skills are a side effect of raising our vibration. That is what evolution is about.

Shining greater light and more love is the real purpose of our life. As you evolve, the world around you will reflect more love and light back to you.

STOP – LOOK – and CHOOSE. Any moment of life you can step out of the film that you are currently living in and become aware that you are the director. You can refocus on what you really want. You sit in the director’s chair of your life. Increased bliss and happiness will be your rewards.

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