Here are some very good questions by a reader of the book Dream Big the Universe is Listening .

These may be questions that are universal and I feel that the answers may be interesting to you as well.

On 04/23/18 9:20 AM, Catherine H. wrote:

Hello Ilona!
I know you must be very busy so I will keep this brief. I would first like to thank you for all your life-changing works. You are empowering people to live the lives they were born to live and it is really quite revolutionary I must say. I had my mind blown after reading, Dream Big but I had a couple of questions so I hope you will have a minute in your busy schedule to address.
Firstly, can one apply the principles of “dreaming big” to create miracles for other people or the world at large, or is this technique only to be applied to yourself and your own dreams and desires. For example, can I dream that a friend of mine is cured of her cancer and/or can I imagine there is world peace or no more hunger?
Secondly, when one has more than one goal to attain do you dream and meditate on one at a time and wait for that one to be fulfilled before meditating on another. Fore example if I am wishing for a great job and a soulmate, can I spend 15 mins a day meditating on each of these dreams separately or should I just wait until I get my job first before trying to conjure up a soulmate?
Many thanks to you for your time and God Bless!
Catherine H.
Florida USA

Dear Catherine

Thank you so much for writing your sweet kind words, and also your very honest and very useful question.

I will use your questions in my answers for a blog.

The question as to whether you can only change your own dream, or the dream at large is a very big and fundamental question.

The biggest question of all is whether this life is truly like a dream, in which case everything you see could easily be all your own creation.
Or, which might be easier to swallow in the beginning, the question is: Are you living within a co-creative universe, in which you are a co-creator.

One thing is certain, the bubble of the world you see and experience around you reflects your subconscious and super-conscious beliefs.

However and equally true, the techniques as described in the book Dream Big can be applied to changes on a global scale as well.

The effect we have on the hologram of our universe depend on how much we are willing to accept our total connection to that the larger field around us.
To the degree in which you see yourself connected to everything and to the degree to you’re willing to see yourself reflected in the world outside of you to that degree you can create greater changes at a larger level. 

Generally speaking all you have to change is yourself.
The world at large, and that can be your body, your immediate world, and the world in a larger more global sense, reflects your inner working.
There is not one reality, there are zillions of realities, and they are all interfacing.

Change the world within your dreaming UNIVERSE and you will see the changes reflected in the outside UNIVERSE.

Each one of us is a co- creative unit of consciousness and has the power to create their own reality around them.
But when looking at changing another person’s experience we need to look a bigger picture.

Altogether it is better to teach other people the tools of co-creation rather than to meddle with their energy.
We are autonomic units of consciousness.
Each of us have our own center and become in a way the center of our own universe.

Give a man a fish and you can feed him for a day.
Give him a fishing-net and he can feed himself for a lifetime.

There are healers who do the work for other people, and once and while it’s nice to go see a Doctor, or chiropractor, or an acupuncturist, or massage therapist to get the help needed , but in the end we need to make the fundamental changes within ourselves. And it is best to know how to heal oneself. 

And then there is the issue of taking on the energy, or the karmic lessons,or the karmic burden for that matter from other people .
The energy pattern has to be transmuted and transformed into another higher expression. You can do it for someone, but will it hold.
When you guide someone to do the change within themselves, the change is inside of them. When we do something from the outside, the change usually can’t be sustained.

The moments where I have created changes in the larger field around myself, I’ve always asked that it is done without any karmic the percussion on my end, I asked that all be done under the total supervision of the divine force. 
In other words: I asked that the wish only be  manifest if it was absolutely in alignment with the highest divine.

Some of the stories that address your question around the scope of the holographic work, I  wrote about in my book Wisdom of the Dolphins.
You can get my e-book by going to my home page  www.livingfromvision.com  and by signing up to receive the free book version of Wisdom of the Dolphins.

How many goals can one energize at a given time. Should you focus on manifesting one major goal at a time?

In the Living From Vision course we set out to energize four goals within a five week period.
That is how long it takes to complete the Living From Vision course.

In the course you learn how to spend a few minutes on energizing each of the four goals in the morning.
The exercise is done with the LFV App take a total of 12 minutes or so each morning and the equivalent amount in the evening. 

To learn how to energize multiple choices I recommend you take the Living From Vision course.
I currently have the first full segment of the Living From Vision coure on my online platform. It only cost $69.00 – and you can get started right away. Here’s the link www.ilonaselke.online

More Information about the Living From Vision course you can find here:  www.livingfromvision.com

You are asking in a way: Shall you choose two or three or more huge goals, and focus on those, or should you pick one big goal and focus on manifesting that one, until it is completed?

Honestly, it all that depends on you.
We have had people choose several large goals during the LFV Course and manifest them.
Other people have picked one large goal at a time and manifested that one first and then picked the next larger goal in the next rerun of the LFV Course.

In the Living From Vision course we suggest picking four goals for the five week course but not all of them have to be huge

I would pick some really deeply meaningful ones, that can be larger than life, as well as some smaller ones. That way you can practice your manifestation skills until you get the results and feel comfortable with how to go about manifesting your goals and feel confident. 

Altogether it’s good to practice until you get good at a skill and then expand your school pier to

I hope I’ve answered your questions and given you some inspiration.

With warm greetings

Yours Ilona Selke


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