Two days ago I was in a breathtaking musical “Building a castle like a dream”, which is about the life of King Ludwig II, in a new performance.

(We are visiting Germany again this summer and I am currently working on the production of online courses. But do not worry for those who would rather experience me in person I will give another seminar in Bali in November.)

The musical was breathtaking.

The colors, the shapes, the music, the creativity of the stage design, the beautiful music, everything was of the highest class.
At least I was sitting over half the time in tears, while my heart and soul melted away.

What touched me most was that King Ludwig II wanted peace in Germany instead of supporting the weapons industry.

He wanted to experience and support nature, poetry, music.

He was horrified to see that the many ministers who sat in the powerful positions cared only about the money and not for the soul of the people.

And what touched me most, of course, was the fact that he had truly followed his dreams all his life and left a living symbol for all of us, the castle of Neuschwanstein, which inspired so many more people even after his death.

In this valley in front of the Neuschwanstein Castle here in Bavaria, near F├╝ssen, there is really a higher dimension. I believe that had already felt King Ludwig II.

And as I watched this musical, I wondered what my own deepest desires and dreams are still for this life.
Inspired by this musical I am again reminded that dreams do move mountains, and  leave a legacy for others.

During the last three decades I have helped thousands of people realize their dreams, transform their lives, and live in a higher vibration.

And now I ask myself again what is my own deepest heart’s desire.

There’s two things that seem to me over and over again in my heart and in my soul:
1) On the one hand it is the divine power to which I wish to be closer , in my meditations and in my waking consciousness and be one with the indescribable goodness and beauty of the Divine.

2) The second wish is to empower as many people as possible to live  in Heaven on Earth.

I want to help many more people still in my life to realize  that we are really living in a holographic universe and that we are actually in direct communication with the universe. 

Heaven is not a place but an internal state! And we are imbued with the power to see it, feel it, enter into those frequencies by the power of our consciousness and our soul’s vibration.

The universe is actually listening to us, and what we carry inside is reflected in the outer ..

My latest book will be coming out in the fall, it is currently being translated into German, from the book Dream Big, the universe is listening. It will be called “the key to the universe”

Last year I’ve been to online summits in many radio interviews in the US and have appeared in American magazines.

That’s why I’m all the happier to be able to release a book in Germany now.

And of course I ask everyone who reads here now, what are your wishes and dreams. How do you dare to look deep into a soul and listen to what really means you?

And are you ready to do something for it?

With the life of the vision, you have a tremendous amount of support to, first of all, listen to yourself, and for the second day, to have support in making your dreams come true.

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