Is the universe really listening?

What you think the chances are that there is a greater force that is actually in touch with our innermost thoughts? Have you ever seen one of your thoughts being responded to by what appears to be an invisible force? Like maybe you were wishing for a parking spot and you got one?
However, if that were true, if there really were a higher force that was listening in, wouldn’t it be the most phenomenal discovery of reality!

With the advancement of artificial intelligence and virtual reality programming, a hot debate has been afoot, and people are starting to like in our physical reality to our latest metaphor: THE MATRIX.

Even the developer of the Tesla car has been saying that he believes we likely live in a simulation.

However, the description as to what reality is has changed according to our latest discoveries for the last few 1000 years.

Each new advancement fraught with it a new worldview.
Each new worldview opens new doors. Just think of how circumnavigating the planet would’ve been impossible without the conception that our earth was round.

Do you ever feel like you would really like to have a guide on your hand that shows you around, and gives you the 101 of how the universe operates were and operating Manual!!!

It is easy to get lost in all the many possibilities of how the universe functions.

After all, not even our best physicists can give us an answer.
Many stories abound of mystical experiences, of magical feats, which are superseding the laws of physic’s space and time abound.
But whom do we believe? Maybe they are just stories?

We’re trying to make sense of the universe and each time we expand our horizons, we have to update our communally held beliefs.

In the olden days, the gods were feared and humans had no control over the natural forces. Instead of understanding the weather patterns, the gods were conjured up to be responsible for each of the elements.
Agricultural communities feared the higher forces and made offerings and even sacrifices to these Nature Gods because they needed the cooperation of rain, wind, and the sun.

And the age of enlightenment, at the end of the dark ages, humans discovered more and more of the laws of physics, and the Gods were starting to be get displaced, and humans imagine themselves to be living in a world, which was increasingly logical and predictable.

In the postindustrial age in which we are currently in, a new hunger and thirst have arisen to understand the forces that lay just beyond the visible universe.

Despite the fact that the natural laws seem to be calculable, we instinctively know that something else is going on.

The universe is much more mystical and mysterious, and many of us that have been on the path of discovering the power of consciousness have already realised that we are more than just a cog in the wheel of our industrial grandfathers.

At this very moment in time we have humans that believe that everything is inhabited by spirits or that everything is alive, we have those that believe in a single God (Monotheistic) we have some that think that scientific laws are all that there is and that the emergence of a conscious being such as a human happened simply by chance.

How do you find your way through this Morass of possibilities?

My answer is: EXPERIMENT

Find out the answers yourself.

The magical power of the universe is such that you can actually prove to yourself that thoughts influence reality.
If thoughts affect things at a distance for example, which there is so much Scientific Data and research at this point that supports that, some of which I recite in some of what logs and in my books, then we already know that we’re not living in a mere physical universe.

If indeed you have observed in your life that you can focus on something and it either happens, or you can create something, you already know from your own personal experience, that this universe in some way is actually listening.

Becoming proficient at the skill, communicating with the higher force, discovering your own higher state of consciousness, that all takes time and training and can be experimented with.

Over time you can prove to yourself that your thoughts, your own frequencies, your own beliefs for a shape and the fact the reality that you are surrounded by.

And it doesn’t take you believing anything.

It is not something you have to take blindly.

It is something you can experiment with. And prove to yourself.

This is why I wrote the book DREAM BIG – The Universe Is Listening
The book is full of absolutely true stories, from small to large miracles, that I or my students experience.

In the book, you will read some techniques and methods by which you can dive deeper into the mystery of the universe that is interactive.

We’re living at a time when scientists and logical thinking has been her role that has the final solution to the cumbersome life of our ancestors who cowered in front of the forces of nature.

But even physicists cannot adequately describe some of the irregularities in their experiments.

Our scientists are trying to discover the smallest building block of the universe. They’re trying to understand what gravity is.

But can you imagine them discovering that consciousness is at the root of it?

And if consciousness is at the root of it and your conscious focus interacts with the physical universe, what do you think is really going on?

I would love to hear from you and read your explanations. Post them here if you’d like. I will review it and permit all serious replies.

And here comes the clincher:
Depending on your ability to believe something, it appears that it will prove itself to be true. At least in your own universe.
So choose wisely.



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