How important is a positive self-image for manifesting your desires?

Do you know which self-image or self-images you carry within you in regard to money? How about in regards to love and your deepest relations?

It is not always easy to know what our self-image actually is. Most people don’t have a clear idea of what their self-image is and how it affects their desires and manifestations, and often we are not even aware of our self-image.

In my video on the same topic below, I talked about how important it is that you carry a positive self-image in order to manifest your greater desires.

Our self-images vary in strength in different areas of our lives.

For example, on one hand, I can have a self-image that as a boss in a restaurant, I’m super good at cooking and good at teamwork. But it’s harder for me to see myself as the boss of my own business.

Let’s say now that I want to build my own company. So I need to be able to imagine myself becoming a real boss. My self-image must have in me the strength of a good boss in order to actually and more easily realize this desire.

To sum up, although I am a good restaurant chef on one hand, it can be hard for me to imagine being a good boss of my own company.

What are your bigger aspirations? Have you ever thought about whether your self-image is big enough to manifest your bigger desires?

Let’s do a little exercise: Can you imagine being the President of Germany, or having millions in your bank account?

Most people would not even consider this idea because they consider themselves too small or insignificant to manifest such desires.

The self-image we carry within us is often created unconsciously and rarely received much positive reinforcement in childhood.

This in turn has a tremendous impact on our ability to manifest our desires.

If you want to achieve something new, if you want to manifest a greater desire, be it more money, a better figure, or a drastic new size, you must first ensure that your self-image is large enough, or appropriate, to embody that manifestation.

You must feel that you really could, would, and would want to embody this new self-image. With all the consequences that go with it.

What is a current greater desire or dream of yours that would transcend your current plateau? What new image of yourself would you need to unfold in order to achieve this new capacity?

A simple way to change this self-image and also to test it out is to surround yourself with people who already embody what you desire.

By surrounding ourselves with people who are already successful in the area we want to grow in, we can learn from them and be inspired by their positive attributes. We can also see if we really want to experience this life.

Here are a few tips on how to improve your self-image and thus increase your manifestation skills:

Visualize your goals: Take time to visualize your goals and desires and feel the joy and happiness you would feel if they were to manifest. Become the person this life already has. This helps to try out and also strengthen a new self-image, as well as create positive emotions and vibes.

Positive Affirmations: Utilize positive affirmations to align your subconscious mind with your goals and desires. Repeat positive phrases like “I am successful” or “I attract wealth and abundance into my life” regularly to strengthen your self-image. Always imagine how you see yourself in this self-image from the inside and especially how you feel about it.

Learn from successful people: Study the life paths and success strategies of successful people who are successful in the area you want to develop further. Learn from their experiences and apply them to your own goals. Ask yourself if you would want to experience a life like that. Not all ideals are realistically as beautiful when we put them on as our own shoes. If you can say YES 100% to this life, then nothing stands in the way of your success. Your powers all say YES.

Surround yourself with positive people: Surround yourself with people who support you and influence you positively. Avoid people who might drag you down or influence you negatively. All too many people love to paint the negative consequences on the wall. Sometimes it just pays to go the new route first and greet everyone else later with the actions and success.

Be patient and stick with it: change takes time and it may take a while for your self-image to change and for you to manifest your goals. Stay patient and keep at it, even when there are challenges and setbacks. This is one of the main reasons why people become successful. They stay on the ball.

It is important to understand that everyone has the ability to change and improve their self-image. However, we must be willing to let go of old beliefs and be inspired by positive people and experiences to expand our self-image.

I hope this blog article has helped you gain a better understanding of how important a positive self-image is to manifest your desires.

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I hope these tips will help you strengthen your self-image and increase your manifestation skills.

Good luck on your path to realizing your dreams and goals!

Yours Ilona Selke

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