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Ma chere Ilona, Mon cher Don,

I would like to thank you both for an excellent and intense training, in which I fully participated,
And I thank you very much, both of you, for the LOVE you gave to me: discussions, advises
Earset…Time!...Sharing and Caring!
I am Happy, thanks to You! My confidence is back, I love myself again.
I loved every minute of my stay with you both, and I congratulate You for your
Achievement … The Beauty, Elegance, Charm, and the respect and friendship
With every one working with you; this is a very important part of the Harmony…
The Time You shared with me and us, was fabulous…in French: MAGNIFIQUE!.
You are in my heart, permanent and comfortable and I thank you every day for
Me being reborn in LOVE and PEACE…

Dear Ilona and Don

Well, we are back in the thick of it bumping up against the real world and juggling 3 kids. 
... to both of you a very heartfelt thank you for creating such a beautiful space and sharing it with us while facilitating transformation. It was huge for both Brian and I. It was definitely just what we needed and both enjoyed the processes. 

...we are looking at life through a different lens. We have made a few small changes. Brian still hasn’t touched red meat or had any alcohol! I am more focused to get in my daily meditation and really try and go to a higher place as often as I remember. We snuck in a breakfast together after dropping the kids at school. When conflict arises we are more focused, open and able to deal with it. We are more connected.

Love and thanks too to all the staff for all their energy, love and support. It was beautiful.
Have fun.
 Lots of love B&B
Dear Ilona

I have been back for two weeks now and I am still floating in the energy that I was allowed to refuel with in Bali with you. 
I am so happy that I was able to experience this seminar with you both. It was truly the BEST that could have happened to me.. .... YES...the two weeks with you were fantastic! 
Sensitive friends and people in my environment are giving me the feedback, how much stronger my aura has gotten. That is a great confirmation for me as well.....

with Love yours T.
Dear Ilona and Don

We are back since two weeks now and it sure has taken me time to adjust, which I have done in a very gentle and beautiful way.
 J. and I are much closer and in tune with one-another than we have been for a very long time and I am enjoying this feeling very much.

J. is in bliss about Bali and tells me every day how happy he is about the reconnection with you and Don.  I know he truly and deeply loves you and is grateful for his experience with you.  
The beauty you and Don have created with your colleagues/employees is so energizing, uplifting and how I feel life is meant to be experienced and shared.  
Thank you for showing us this way and I drank all the connecting and heart space I experienced there with full consciousness.

yours C.

(original form T. in German)
Liebe Ilona,

ich bin nun seit 2 Wochen wieder zurück in Österreich und schwelge noch immer in der Energie, die ich bei Euch auf Bali tanken konnte.
Ich bin so froh, dass ich dieses Seminar mit Euch erleben durfte. Das war das beste, was mir „passieren“ konnte.
...Ja, die 2 Wochen bei Euch waren für mich fantastisch! Bei sensitiven Menschen in meinem Umfeld bekomme ich immer wieder die Rückmeldung, wie stark sie meine Aura nun wahrnehmen.