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Soul-Matrix Seminar

SOUL JOURNEY -  Entering into the Quantum World of the Soul

with Ilona Selke und Don Paris Ph:D.

Most people, when asked where the location of their Soul is, might actually point to the heart.

Our heart is usually the place where we give emotional expression of our soul into our life. It is through the heart that we connect with and into our world. Much like the vertical and horizontal lines intersect in a cross, our heart is the midpoint at which our consciousness and our feelings  intersect. At this midpoint we can most easily connect and feel connected with the world around us.

Our soul however, exists in the non-dual world, a pure state of singularity of pure consciousness. Much like a diamond, it hovers outside of time and space not bound to the three dimensions or our emotions or mind.

Many people already are familiar with the chakra system, and are able to a greater or lesser degree to intentionally open or close their chakras. The seven major chakras are situated along the major clusters of our glands in our body. Most people already know the feelings of love in the heart and the feelings of power or anger in their solar plexus, or with sexual feelings in their sexual chakra or with feeling rooted, or with the proverbial light going off in their heads.

Some people are aware of how their throat chakra feels, for example, by either feeling strongly drawn to expressing themselves verbally or otherwise. You might also know the feeling of the proverbial frog in the throat. Some people have their intuition already fully turned on, getting visions and insights. Creative and artistic people are often able to envision things in advance through their third eye (the Brow Chakra).

And then there is that feeling of connection to the divine, the blissful state of understanding simply everything or feeling at peace with the entire universe.

If we were to imagine a shaft of light going through the center of our body passing through all the chakras, we would see that this shaft of light would become finer and lighter as it ascends from the  bottom chakras to the higher chakras.

If we then were to extend this shaft all the way out and beyond our head, rising to ever finer dimensions, connecting eventually to the very center of creation, the center of the cosmos, to the divine source, we can start to understand that we might actually be more of an expression of a continuum, a continuous refinement of energies that  give us expression at many different, increasingly finer dimensions.

Along this shaft we find octaves of light, nodal points or collection points of our consciousness where consciousness is condensed, giving expression of ourselves at various dimensional realities.

In the Soul Matrix Seminars we start to practice how to place our awareness into the first nodal point of SINGULARITY beyond our crown chakra  in order to collect our entire awareness into the first level of non-duality.

From here we learn to the ascend and enter higher and higher states of pure singularities to eventually unite that pure consciousness of our soul with the ONE consciousness.

This Soul Matrix Awareness Training also allows us to enter into  fully conscious Soul-based relationships.

Traditionally we are accustomed to interact with one another through the use of our seven chakras. We experience love for example when we share the intermingling of our heart chakras.

In this seminar we learn how to sense the presence of our purified consciousness outside of time-space in ourselves first and then with one another. This state of pure consciousness is  much like a diamond outside of time and space. We will practice how we can meet at those levels and if we so wish we can practice merging the two diamonds into one singularity which is often times experienced as the purest form of love. This merging of two points of consciousness into ONENESS is often times experienced as the DOORWAY to GOD.

As a matter of fact, there are Buddhist texts that state that this is indeed the fastest road to enlightenment.

Join us on this magical journey beyond time and space where you can come in contact with pure state. Where you are purely SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS and where you can learn to merge and meet with others at heightened states. You can return to the origin of your Beingness, to God.

You can discover new ways of love and grow beyond the levels of consciousness that you might have practiced thus far in your journey.

This path of soul discovery takes you beyond religion into your own path of being a mystic. We are already connected to the Source. Yet we can learn and practice increased refinement of various states of SINGULARITY along our journey into ONENESS.

 The book Dolphins, Love & Destiny by Ilona Selke serves as a preparatory book for this seminar. Aailable in book format or on KINDLE at