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    Mission in Life

    Discover your soul's yearning to express your innermost talents in the pursuit of evolving your consciousness. Travel to a dimension beyond time and space, access your souls inner wisdom, to guide you in the choice of your life's mission, or a particular project for this part of your life.
    One's mission in life is usually thought of a particular activity that allows us to express our highest ability, while serving in our life on planet Earth and at the same time making an income.
    Go on the journey and discover what your inner voice tells you.


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    Healing Your Body

    As you may have read in the book THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND by Joseph Murphy, our focused attention can redirect the forces of life to flow through our body imperfection.
    It is the power of our attention, guided through the visualization of a positive end result, that can shape all aspects of our health, and our body.
    Research into Epigenetics, such as spearheaded by Bruce Lipton and other researchers, supports the understanding that our mind is more effective in creating change in our body, and to bring about healing, than nearly any other method, including the predisposition of our DNA.
    Use your mind, the power of your visualization, to create the end result of the kind of healthy state you wish to experience in your daily life. IT WILL DRAW TOWARDS YOU or manifest from within you everything that is needed in order to create the change you wish for in your health.

  • MP3 Download ABUNDANCE
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    Redirect the power of your mind to create positive abundance in your life, to become the director and designer of your life. Improve your ability to co-create with the higher forces that which serves your soul's purpose here onl Earth. You can set goals, and learn how to manifest your wishes and dreams and improve your ability to create abundance in your life.

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    Dreamtime Awakening

    This guided imagery is aimed at helping you to become lucid in your dreams, that means to awaken in your dreams to the fact that you are the dreamer, so you can fly, visit anywhere you wish, and create a dream to your liking. You can learn to have control over your inner landscape of images, feelings, and reality, which can be used to move into astral awaking in your dreams. All these techniques assist you in awaking to the fact that you are living a dream in your daily life as well.

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    Spiritual Partnership

    Our souls can encounter one another in the indescribably beautiful realms beyond time and space whether you wish to merge your soul with a human, and Angel, or a dolphin you can merge your soul and encounter one another in higher dimensions.
    The more deeply we delve into the levels of consciousness (which you might also call ascend into or deepen into) the more deeply we enter into unity with God.
    Enter into the union of your souls guided by this imagery journey and experience your soul's union.
    It is said : Where two merge into ONE... there God will be.
    Take this opportunity, which has been called the fastest road to enlightenment by various Buddhist texts, and merge your souls into ONE and witness the positive changes that can come about through regular exercise in your daily life.
    Every morning focus on the metaphoric image which you will discover during the guided imagery every single morning upon waking up and witness how the higher dimensions will take care of your personal life.

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    Healing the Earth

    Although Earth in and of itself may well be perceived as one of the most beautiful jewels that we know of, humanity is wreaking havoc upon this beautiful planet.
    Utilize the power of your mind to assist the earth to cleanse, prevent or averts disasters, and to assist in bringing about Heaven on Earth.
    Our subconsciously held images can effect changes at a distance, whether you apply this to a garden, the forest, or a nation. Use the gift of your souls focus and assist the earth in becoming a radiant jewel.


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    Dolphin Consciousness

    Enter an exceptional journey where you can swim with dolphins, enter into higher union with their advanced consciousness and gain access to your intuitive mind for healing. This CD has been successfully used to prevision encounters with dolphins in the wild, as dolphins are very sensitive to the images that humans project. Dolphins are very telepathic and are more likely to pick up on the language of imagery than any well-intentioned thought.
    This CD has also been used as a healing tool to create change with in one's auric field, slipping into the Dolphins mind to make adjustments in one's own energy field.
    Finally, the CD guides you on a journey into oneness with these highly intelligent Angels of the seas.

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    Time Travel

    Utilize your minds ability to travel forward and backward in time, to make shifts within the time-space matrix, which then will reflect as changes in your physical life.
    Allow yourself to preview and review your life from a higher dimension, make changes from this higher vantage point, and become the designer of the blueprint of your life.
    With practice and the evolution of your consciousness you will find increased ability to handle ever greater expanses of the time-space matrix.


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    Chakra Activation

    Highly recommended for weekly use, this chakra activation CD pen accompany you for years and years to come. Practice with the gentle voice of Ilona Selke to increase the strength, intensity, and size of each of your chakras.
    We will start from the top chakra and work our way down, in order to bring the wisdom of the higher chakras into the power of the lower chakras.
    If you are a beginning meditator this guided imagery can serve you as a great focal point to quiet your mind and utilize your attention to enhance the power of your chakras.


    This series of easy Yoga exercises will transform you body gently and easily with daily practice. Learn the positions and the flow of the asanas (positions) by following Ilona Selke on video. This YOGA sequence only takes 20 minutes and gives you resilience, strength and a sense of aliveness very quickly. After you have mastered the progression of the exercises by watching the VIDEO which usually only takes a week to learn, you can use the provided AUDIO (MP3 or CD) and listen to Ilona's voice guiding you through your EASY YOGA morning routine. The beautiful background music is from the Inner Spheres CD by Don Paris and Ilona Selke.

    AVAILable as DOWNLOAD or DVD and CD

    This YOGA DOWNLOAD Version allows you to have the YOGA VIDEO and the BONUS YOGA MP3 file right now, so you can start your YOGA WORK OUT today. You can either view the YOGA VIDEO on as a streaming video file or you receive a link from us to download your YOGA VIDEO to your PC. YOGA DVD and CD VERIONS for $ 29.95 After you are familiar with the YOGA exercises, you can then just listen to the YOGA MP3 file anywhere you wish to do your YOGA, whether it is in your yard, or away from your computer, and simply let the voice of Ilona Selke guide you in your YOGA sequence. Purchase it today and start to feel the effects that rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.Easy Daily Yoga with Ilona Selke