10-Day-Intensive Seminar with Ilona Selke & Don Paris
in English
20. - 30. NOVEMBER 2017



This includes the LFV TEACHER TRAINING Seminar Fees & ACCESS to the LFV ACADEMY TEACHER PROTAL. (a BONUS of 495 USD) SHARED accommodation, 3 veg meals, filtered water, fruit all day , daily massages & 2 dolphin excursions,


REGULAR SEMINAR PARTICIPANTS who are not wishing to become LF Teachers pay $ 995 USD.

This includes: Seminar Fees, SHARED accommodation, 3 veg. meals per day, filtered water, fruit all day and night, 2 boat trip and daily massages.


EXTRA 30 USD per night for SINGLE Supplement is possible, space permitting
Flight is not included


Experience Bali, the Island of the Gods, and take time to experience Inner Peace, Transformation & Inspiration. Come on an exotic trip filled with treasures for your Soul.

This is truly a holiday for your Body, Mind & Soul. We will practice LIVING FROM VISION Techniques for your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. This is a real holiday with a purpose. It is a time out for you, a time to renew, review, and cleanse. We all need to take periodic times out to refuel and replenish our bodies, our minds, and listen to our souls.

Here in Bali you will experience higher frequencies, creative self discovery, and enter into realms of higher consciousness. This is truly an inner and outer adventure on the Island of the Gods.

Don and Ilona have led these highly successful seminars in Bali for the last 7 years. Truly a vacation of a life time!

Please click here to make your reservation: info@ilonaselke.com


LIVING FROM VISION TEACHER TRAINING Seminar in Bali with Ilona Selke & Don Paris

ALSO FOR ANYONE WHO JUST WISHES TO PARTICAPTE, please enquire for special offer at info@livingfromvision.com

Come with us on a trip into the Island of Heaven on Earth!

In these 8-Day-Intensive Seminar in Bali, at the beautiful Shambala Oceanside Resort we will create a unique atmosphere which allows our souls to rise to higher plateaus, go deeper into our purpose and make space for our soul to realize itself in the next phase of our lives.

We will experience healing in these areas:

  • Physical Strengthening:
  • YOGA
  • vegetarian food
  • exhilarating excursion to a sacred waterfall
  • Emotional Clearing Techniques:
  • Holographic Imaging
  • Past Lives Journeys
  • Mandala Creations and Transformation
  • Meditation Techniques:
  • Soul Star Activation
  • MANIFESTATION Meditations
  • Yogic Breath

All these elements are rolled into a vibrant tapestry of magical, cultural and vibrant experiences in Bali.

Our days will be filled with a rhythm of exploring the inner and outer beauty as well as explore the natural beauty of Bali.

On two of the mornings we will go out to meet the Dolphins on outrigger-fisherman boats, and enjoy the famous beauty of Bali’s North Shore at sunrise.

You may get to swim in the warm waters and watch dolphins, or dive and snorkel, and enjoy the rich coral and fish life in the ocean in front of Shambala.

After the boat rides we will meet in the Shambala-Temple to start our mornings with gentle YOGA.

All activities are optional and you decide how much and what you would like to enjoy.

At Shambala's Oceanside Restaurant we will enjoy a rich and healthy vegetarian buffet for all our meals. Truly a culinary delight, you will find yourself wanting to stay forever at Shambalaa.

During lunch and dinner you will be able to gaze onto the gentle waves of the ocean while you will enjoy the culinary delicacies of Bali, or sipping your delicious fruit juices.

During the day we will gather to be trained in methods of LIVING FROM VISION in order to experience the heights of your consciousness. We will practice the following WELLNESS steps for your heart, mind & soul:

  • Holographic Imaging to unravel emotional blockages
  • Daily YOGA, YOGIC Breath and Chakra Cleansing
  • Awareness of pure Soul-Consciousness
  • Quick and easy techniques to unhook from our daily attachments and dramas to clear our mind and hearts.

We will make sure we have enough time to just BE,and will take a couple of hours in the afternoons to sunbathe, experience deep relaxation and be pampered by daily massages.

At the end of the seminar you will have time to explore the near environment around SHAMBALA with its many options.

We will go for an adventurous plunge at the waterfall, snorkel and swim in the warm ocean water or receive your daily massage.

Five massages are included in your package price so each day you can receive a massage daily of your choice or enjoy a pedicure or manicure, or you may want to try our Full-body Reflexology Treatments. If there is time you can order a flower petal bath in candle light, just for you.

Again in the afternoon, we will meet as a group, to explore our inner Mind and heart to transform blockages that are currently holding us back from our visions, and potential.
These hours of inner transformation amazingly help you to access higher states, clear and transform current issues in your life, and make the changes you are looking to make. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A TEACHER TRAINING and your facilitators will be LFV TEACHERS in TRAINING. Anyone can participate..

This seminar will be a vacation for your soul, where we will meet as an order of higher Beings and hold the space of inner quiet, and enter states of expanded states of reverence, awe and higher consciousness together. In all of our senses we will experience Heaven on Earth. The last evening we will gather to sing Bajans and Mantras in the Temple.

a BONUS of 2 extra nights FREE of charge is included in this offer.


We will be able to assist you in creating an EXTENSION in Bali, after the 8-Day-Intensive is over and help you with the following excursion, where you can see:

  • a Buddhist Temple and the luxurious warm water baths
  • admire the beauty of Balinese Hindu temples in KINTAMANI,
  • go snorkeling at the breathtaking dive spot off the Island of Menjangan,
  • visit the Artist’s town UBUD for 2 days
  • visits a renowned Acupuncturist Dr. Akuh in Ubud

We do really recommend that you add some extra days in the renowned Artist’s town UBUD, where you can explore and enjoy the cultural riches of Bali at the end of your stay.

In Ubud
you can watch exquisite Balinese dances, such as the Ketcak Fire Trance Dance and the Barong or Legong Dance and eat in artistic and very quaint restaurants.

Explore the many little shops on your own, that Ubud offers along Monkey Forest Road, and visit the local vibrant Bazaar with its many fruits and clothing, in order to bring back home some genuine handcrafted art from Bali.

Maybe you wish to see a Balinese Seer, a “DUKUN” which will surely be a very magical experience, and time permitting, and see a typical Balinese family living in an extended family compound. Experience Bali as Balinese people experience it!

Ubud offers some of the most beautiful restaurants where you can enjoy delightful international food, great ambiance and most creative environments.

Experience your own version of Eat, Pray, Love in Bali

The 10-Day-Intensive package costs 1995 USD plus the cost of your flight! It is truly a vacation that will serve as an activation of your Soul.
Come and let us experience higher frequencies together and take time to experience the wonders and beauty of this world
....on a trip to the Island of the Gods…..Stay at the magical Shambala Oceans Side Retreat


  • Daily morning Yoga, Yogic Breath and Chakra Cleansing
  • 10 days of intensive inner work, approximately 2 X 3 hrs per day, teaching the LFV COURSE or being the student of the LFV to be Teachers,
  • Iincluded are eercises such as meditation and explorations of various states of consciousness in each session
  • Explore Soul-Journeys for transformation, and Past Life Journeys during a Breath Journey
  • Practice transformational emotional imagery work based on Dr. Vernon Wolf's work called HOLODYNAMICS
  • 2 boat rides on small fisher boats to see the dolphins. The dolphins are not accustomed to human contact
  • Go snorkeling at a Shambala
  • Enjoy our culinary exquisite food by the ocean side restaurant
  • You will receive daily massages


  • Watch exquisite Balinese dances
  • Go on a trip to a natural Hot Spring
  • Hike to a large, breathtaking waterfall
  • Visit an authentic Balinese Fishermen Village
  • Visit Bali and Buddhist temples
  • Explore Ubud the city of Artists on a two-night, three-day excursion
  • Visit a Bali Seer a DUKUN in Ubud, and get a personal reading


  • Your price includes all expenses while you are at Shambala, as well as the transport to Shambala and back.PICK UP IN UBUD at SHAMBALA SPA www.ubudmassage.com.
  • You will share your room for this price, or you can opt for a private room for an additional 30 USD per night extra (space permitting). Last year we had a waiting list to participate in the seminar, and we would not be able to offer private accommodation in that case.
  • Please note that this is a seminar intensive, and will offer approximately 5-5 hours of training per day
  • We will enjoy vegetarian gourmet dishes, with fish options, and healthy smoothies and juices
  • No alcohol!
  • We have incredible fruit-juices and yes we do have amazing coffee
  • Smoking only in designated areas on the beach
  • We may have ceremonies in November where priests can be heard chanting through the night. You may want to bring ear plugs.
  • In preparation for the vacation we highly recommend the following reading: “Wisdom of the Dolphins” and "DREAM BIG" and if desired “Dolphin, Love & Destiny” by Ilona Selke www.ilonaselke.com or via Amazon.com
  • Please also read cultural information and BASIC GREETINGS and short PHRASES
  • Please look at our Blog for further cultural information: www.Shambalablog.com
  • We suggest that you stay the night before the seminar, at RAHAYU in UBUD right off of MONKEY FOREST RD. right behind Shambala SPA. We are gladly help you with your accommodation
  • We will pick you up on the first seminar day in front of SHAMBALA SPA UBUD ( location can be found HERE) at 12 pm.
  • The two-hour drive from UBUD to Shambala and your DROP OFF is included.


You will meet our driver at our SHAMBALA SPA in UBUD at 12 pm. The SHAMBALA SPA is only 20 meters from RAHAYU BUNGALOWS Please email me at info@ilonasselke.com and I will set up a booking for you. Price is around 650.000 RP per room with Breakfast.

Your PICK UP is always with 4 people per VAN as a group. If you wish to stay at Shambala earlier you can do so by going to our website and booking online directly: www.bali-shambala.com .

Your passport has to be valid for at least 6 month at the time you enter Bali.Most tourist will now receive a VISA on arrival for FREE! It allows you to stay 30 days. Write me if you wish to stay longer.DEPARTURE TAX MAY BE another 200.000 Rp / 17 USD is often already included in your ticket. Please check.

Please read additional information under: TRAVEL Information on our SHAMABALA website.

Once we receive your registration you will receive more details as to where to go & what to bring.

SHAMABALA Oceanside Resort & SPA www.baliseminars.com
Take a photo tour on the internet at our GALLERY
Course Facilitator:
Ilona Selke & Don Paris
20.. -30. Nov.. 2017
Price for the all inclusive Seminar:
1995 USD for shared accommodation and SINGLE SUPPLEMENT = 30 USD EXTRA per nightt Plus the cost of your flight All costs for the above mentioned itinerary is included in your price: 8-Night, shared accommodation, all meals, plus the LFV TEACHER TRAINING SEMINAR. Ifyou only wish to attend, without taking the LFV Teacher Training part, please email us at: info@livingfromvision.com
Booking your seminar:
We will hold your space after receiving your payment of 555 USD - Restpayment due 6 weeks prior to seminar beginn (1. NOV. 2017) Single Supplement 300 USD for 10 nights, SPACE PERMITTING ONLY - Full payment due 6 weeks prior of the seminar
Booking By E-mail:
Seminar coordination by:
Living From Vision
Ilona Selke
Tel: +13603875713
Email: info@ilonaselke.com
Suggested tips: approx 50.000 Rp per day -a TOTAL of about 500.000 RP or apporx 37 USD
(Please bring this with you). Suggested tipping for the MASSAGES is about 20.000 RP per Massage
Travel Insurance required. INFO CLICK HERE
Your destination Airport is:Denpasar in BALI/ Indonesia
Please arrange your own flights
Beginning Date: 20. NOVEMBER 2017
Ending Date: 30. NOVEMBER 2017
Payment options:


PAY PAL Payment Request can be sent to you via email as well
Please contact us via Email if you wish to make a bank wire transfer!